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About Us

Warriorwear Apparel, LLC was created as a reminder to keep fighting even when discouraged or getting knocked down. It is also a tribute to the supporters that share concern and love for the warriors that are fighting their cancer battles.

In April 2022, at age 45, I was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer after getting the results from my 1st preventative colonoscopy screening.

I vowed to myself and my family that I would fight and beat the cancer, because I was too young and strong to just lay down and accept a fate that I thought was unjust. I decided that I was going to “strap on my battle armor” and ”bring the fight”.

From there the Warriorwear battle helmet was born. I had it tattooed on my chest near my heart, with the simple word “Warrior” below it. I look in the mirror each day and use it as a reminder to keep fighting, and to get back up, even if I feel like I’ve been knocked down.

Initially, I put the helmet logo on a hat and a shirt for myself, but I found that many of my supporters and friends and family were interested in getting some “battle armor” gear.

While the Warriorwear items that you find on this site were initially created with my personal journey in mind. I hope that others may find inspiration and strength from some of these designs.  And I hope that family and friends find a design that will help them display the unwavering support that they provide for the “warriors“ that are fighting just as I am.

My journey is far from over. I’ve completed my radiation therapy, But tomorrow I start my first chemo treatment. The site will be launching on June 14, 2022 to coincide with the start of my chemotherapy.

While the initial styles available on this site were designed for my personal journey, such as having a blue cancer ribbon representing colorectal cancer, my hope is to encourage and inspire others on their own personal cancer journeys.

If you or one of your friends/family members would like a design to reflect your own battle, reach out to me from the “contact us“ page and let me know.  I would be touched if you felt comfortable sharing a bit about your own journey, and would be happy to add designs with other colors of ribbons for other cancer types, or some potential words that might be more reflective of your sentiment. I just ask please be patient, as I may not have a lot of energy to devote during my chemo treatment.